Sir Robert, the Bold

Who is Sir Robert you may ask.

Good question.

The year was 2010. I was just emerging from a terribly ended relationship (thanks to me). I had come to grips with why I felt like life had no purpose, and I had given my ultimatum and gotten a response. I was trying to gather the pieces all together and soldier on. I happened to have my calculus class with this quirky, blonde, and tall kid that I knew from church. I asked him to be the Christian club treasury and he rejected me. He tried to sit with me and I sat somewhere else the next day. This kid was Robert.

We both hung out with our friend and mentor, Matt, and we learned a lot about faith lived out in our daily lives. It wasn’t long before we were attending the same co-ed bible study. I remember the day I decided to intentionally sit in the back of the class with Robert. The rest, as they say, is history.

Cliches and weird back stories aside, Robert was and is one of my best friends. He likes sports. I have eczema. He makes weird videos of no ollie jumps on tech decks and I make videos of serial shovel killers and trip lee lyric videos. Not exactly what would appear to be a match made in heaven. Yet, mobile gaming in the form of tiny wings, making fun of people who mooch, and earnest questions about the Bible and faith, worked in tandem to bring us together.

On June 4th, 2017 my brother Robert Stucky got married. At his wedding rehearsal dinner, his mother opened the floor to a friendly anti-roast. I had so many stories and conversations to share, but I only had a short time to say anything. I ended up sharing a story about how Robert and I struggled with leadership and grew from non constructive critiquing to communicating how we felt.

After much thought, I discovered why I shared that story. Above all, Robert is a great friend because he is an amazing empathizer. We bonded over making fun of people because we both felt hurt or minority offended by them. Sure Jesus loves people, but that doesn’t mean you can just come and eat the pizza at Christian club then go “study” for your biology exam. Whenever I had grievances over church drama, or relationships, or whatever Robert was always clutch with empathy. He would crack the jokes to make the situation less miserable. Throughout college, Robert would hit me up with the real “how are you doing?” and the real non judgmental “how can I pray for you?” We bonded with our common struggles but at the same time we stayed connected through struggles we couldn’t relate to. We tried to defend the faith and got schooled by some Muslim students at UCI that had an “ask a Muslim” tent up. I mean I could go on for thousands of pages about random adventures we’ve had.

If I had to talk about one trait that makes Robert so different than everyone else, I would have to say that the trait I see the most is boldness (hence the title). Need an event promoted? Robert’s the man. Want to buy groceries for people in low income housing and intentionally get caught so that they know that the food is safe? Robert’s the man. Want to approach some strangers and see if any of them need prayer for random physical ailments that we would have no idea of knowing? Robert’s the man. How about attending a crazy unorthodox Bible study about the Holy Spirit and how to function in that? Robert’s the man.

I haven’t always admired Robert, but after the first year of actually getting to know him as a friend, my admiration bloomed and has only grown.

As someone who is an extrovert and a hopeless romantic, I love asking people who are about to get married why? (I also like to think that I will save two people who haven’t thought it out too much, the heartbreak by making them realize how stupid their reasons are when they say them out loud) Robert’s response to that question blew me away, but to be honest even before I heard that answer I was stoked. It’s not everyday you see two people treat each other with respect and dignity while both pursuing their individual dreams. It’s also not everyday that you see two people who genuinely make each other better. Weddings are like perfect opportunities to say super nice things that we may not really mean about people we don’t really know. But honestly, I can say that I believe in Robert and Kristen because of what I’ve observed. 50 people in a crowded hotel that couldn’t stop praising and affirming everything that the two of them had done to encourage and uplift them. I mean from stories of giving people rides, being there as sounding boards, funny random moments, I mean the list goes on and on.

Challenges, yes they come. But not only are you two an awesome team, you both acknowledge who the Glue is.

I admire you both and you both inspire me to create and foster that “iron sharpens iron” kind of relationship.

While I will miss California burrito runs with you Robert, I will look forward to the intentional calls, visits, and texts.

Keep on going boldly where no one has gone before my brother and friend.

Until I land in Dallas!


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