Lessons From Therapy: Introduction

Over the past couple of years, I’ve become a staunch advocate for therapy. If you ask my close friends, they will probably roll their eyes if you ask them about how much I try to convince them to go and seek out therapy for themselves.

I’ve realized over time that individual choice is one of the greatest gifts that we have each been given and that the benefits of therapy are really only experienced when several different stars align. On top of that, mental health is still not recognized at the same level as physical health in many different cultures and contexts. Because of this, there is also a high financial cost associated with therapy, and this prevents even more people from getting the help they might desire. Many religions claim that spirituality should solve all issues regarding trauma and emotional processing, thus further stigmatizing seeking help. Media and film is constantly misrepresenting both care providers and those seeking care so that it seems that the norm is providers that abuse their stations and patients that are being absolute nut cases while trying to “get away with murder” (shoutout to Annalise Keating).

As I toned down my soap-box-go-to-therapy sales pitch, I racked my brain to try and find a way to share what I had learned without coming off as proselytizing, heavy-handed, or judgmental.

After as emotionally taxing of a year as 2020, I realized that we all really do need therapy, but some of us are just not going to go and seek out help for various reasons.

So whether your barrier is the stigma associated with it, the financial burden, the mystery associated with it, or anything else, I decided to do a short bite-size blog series on the most important lessons I learned from therapy.

In the next few blogs, I will be sharing some personal accounts combined with lessons that I’ve learned over the last few years. One of my resolutions for this year is to be more concise than I have been in the past so here’s to blogs that are far less than 2,000 words.

It is important to note that I am not a care provider nor a professional and so really I just hope that these posts are able to pique your interest and prompt you to educate yourself more.

As the blogs are released, hyperlinks to the different posts will be available here with topic tags for quick identification and access.

Thanks for reading!

“You Aren’t Crazy” : The importance of self-validation, in your journey of understanding yourself and empathizing with others.

Learning to Cope“: The difference between negative coping mechanisms and life-giving activities. Some ideas for how to step away from more harmful behaviors by supplementing them with healthier ones.

Climate Change“: How knowing ourselves and what we are passionate about can inform our decisions on when to change careers or better position ourselves to pursue what is life-giving to us.

If you have two seconds, if you can maybe fill out this survey regarding the “Lessons from Therapy” series I would greatly appreciate it!

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