Diary Entry 4: Netflix and Die

After a grueling day of work there is nothing quite like plopping on your bed and having an Office marathon.

When you’re finished with the Office, it’s on to Parks and Recreation.

Then Quantico?

How to Get Away with Murder has a new season?

Hmmm haven’t watched Once Upon a Time in a while..

The working life is different from the academic life specifically in the sense that the working life doesn’t really have any breaks. It’s an eight hour marathon of focused concentration and goal oriented tasks that leave you mentally exhausted.

When I come home from work, I don’t want to do anything. 

I’ve learned that if I lie down on my bed for more than five minutes upon entering my house, I will abandon all hope of leaving my bed and either sleep or watch netflix until it’s way too late.

Previously I talked about reconciling our dreams with practicality, and I think that one of the challenges of the post-grad life is that it actually takes work to do things that we are passionate about after we start working.

There is an increased amount of activation energy that we have to invest in order to pursue what we want to do outside of work.

Too often the easy road is to just do something mindless and to just let our dreams fade as we settle for a life that is split into work and not work. This mentality actually does a great job of creating habits for us that condition us to work for the sake of working instead of working to do what we actually enjoy doing.

Moral of the story?

Netflix is awesome… In moderation.

To quote my ninth grade english teacher, “Moderation in Everything”

Go and find constructive activities for you to do that energize and de-stress you.

Find some physical activity that helps you unwind. Swim some laps, run a few miles, hike the half dome.

Find some old long lost hobby or make a new one. Pick up that hand me down dslr and hit the city or the closest national park, make a list of restaurants you want to try and find a person or a group to go to those places with, travel to different places.

We are young.

We don’t need to Netflix and chill.

We need to get out of our houses and live.

Happy adventure hunting!

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