It’s a blur

You hand the card with your name scribbled on it to the reader of the names.

You hear your name called and you cross the stage to shake hands with the dean you’ve never met, to take a picture that you will personally look at maybe once more.

You step outside and take pictures with the family and friends that have supported you financially and emotionally for the last four, five, six, or maybe more years.

You wait patiently and you get an email a few months later that your diploma is ready for pick up.

Then that’s it.


Welcome to real life. No professor office hours, hand holding TAs, or guidance from anyone really.

I mean sure everyone wants to tell you what you should be doing: Well meaning family, mentors, friends, and significant others all write you a different narrative based on their opinions of who you are and what you can accomplish.

But oddly enough, for the first time there is no minimum GPA or person whose acceptance you need to acquire. Your choices are yours, and for possibly the first time ever, no one is telling you exactly what you should be doing.


Somehow after trial and error, you realize you can’t actually question everything like you’ve been taught to for the last four years. Turns out you can’t actually be one hundred percent “you” in order to get a job. Turns out that a piece of paper that summarizes what you’ve been doing is more valuable than a piece of paper that certifies that you’ve done something somewhere. Turns out that the movies skip this part of our life stages.

I mean after education we all know what we are doing, right?

There’s no awkward phase after the sixteen years of being told exactly what to do?

I mean it’s no big deal adjusting to calling all the shots after sixteen years of blindly following… right?


If you know what you are pursuing and you are pretty confident about who you are and what you are doing with your life, then these next few blogposts about the struggles of post-graduate life may not resonate very much. Hopefully they still communicate points that are helpful to you.

However, if you are like me and you have no FREAKING idea what’s going on, then these blogposts are dedicated to those like us.

Those of us who had dreams and aspirations that crashed and burned. Those of us who after investing a ton of money and time, feel a little stupid for not knowing what we want to do. Those of us who are drifting around and going wherever LinkedIn points us. Those of us who struggle with the dichotomy of who we dream to be and who we have to be.


Welcome to the Diary of a Post-Grad

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