Short Thoughts from a Mobile Device

You can do it.

You can do it.

That goal, dream, or aspiration that you have or had that people ridiculed you for… You have the power and ability to go and do that.

It’s weird how we let other people who don’t live our exact lives form our own perceptions about what we can and cannot do. 

It’s like “You know what, you don’t fully understand or know me, but I’m going to let you decide what I can and cannot do”

Here’s to the dreamers.

No. Here’s to the dreamers that became doers. 

Here’s to the dreamers that are becoming doers.

Here’s to those who are juggling multiple jobs to make their dreams work. Here’s to those who are hustling to make ends meet. Here’s to those who are breaking the misconceptions that others have placed upon their shoulders.

Let’s be the artists, social workers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, non-profit starters, musicians, engineers, accountants, politicians, mechanics, service workers, retail workers, professors, authors, leaders, and hegemonic discourse breakers we were meant to be.

Let us say no to the boxes that people are trying to shove us in. 

The box is a lie. 

Or maybe

The box does exist….

But…. Major Key: you have the boxcutter.

The 📦 is a bunch of 💩 that we don’t need to accept as our own. 

Go be who you were meant to be.

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