Someone Save Me… I’m Bored

There is this saying that goes something like “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

I can definitely confirm the fact that when I am not doing anything in particular, I’m probably up to nothing good. I almost always end up in trouble it it’s super late at night or if I am bored out of my mind.

Our society and culture has bestowed upon us this idea that we deserve to be entertained.

Humor me.

Entertain me.

Everything from advertisements to Flappy Bird is centered around catching our attention and entertaining us. It is beyond awkward to maintain eye contact with another person for just two minutes with no words being exchanged. To simply be present is terrifyingly mundane to us.

When we are in a place with no distractions that suit our fancy we let out the cry, “I am bored out of my mind”


I’ve been spending a good half of my life trying to figure out how not to get into trouble. Most of the times I’ve realized that if I had never gotten bored and or dissatisfied with whatever was happening, I would have stayed out of trouble. Years of trying to distract myself from doing what is morally or ethically wrong.

And then I discovered something today…

Doing “Good” is actually both time consuming and a lot of hard work.

Basically, if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, then we aren’t going to get bored. It just isn’t possible, because there is so much to do.

I’ve recently been trying to get a group of people together to do some community aid/outreach work. I was surprise and encouraged by how many people were on board for the idea. It actually sparked me to do more research to see how we could change one outreach event and grow it into something that changed the community from the inside out.

This took work. I probably called the city on three different lines: The police department. The community development department. The city council. And then I called a boys and girls club twice, was referred to someone who could help at the city, and then I compiled an email that had to present what I was attempting to do while reassuring her that I wasn’t some creep.

We live in a time where it seems the news only covers bad news, and because of that I feel like we are being overwhelmed by “bad.”

I’m tempted on a daily basis to forget all the crap that is going on and to just pull a line from a Fun. song and simply “carry on.” And because I carry on, I get bored, because there is “nothing to do.”

Yet when I mustered up the balls to make the phone calls and start researching to solve the problem in the community that I saw it was exhilarating and exciting. I had the shivers as I tried to condense my non-sales pitch into a concise email. The idea that started it all snowballed into a world of potentials. It was like following a trail of crumbs. It was an adventure. A real life RPG where I was the main character and the choices I was making were not only changing me but the world around me.

So this is my message to you: If you are bored, open your eyes. Take a real hard look at the world around you and use the critical eye that we all have. Then instead of pointing fingers, spouting political promises that won’t be kept, or forgetting about them, go and solve those problems.

The Difference between the people who change the world and the people who watch the world change is that the changers are the ones who not only see the problems but act to find solutions and to implement those solutions until one day, those original problems no longer exist.

Orphans were on the rise and there was a real need in Bristol. BUT George Muller actually went and began to meet the needs of the orphans.

Witch doctors abused their power in Uganda and sent young kids to prison by falsely accusing them. BUT Bob Goff decided to go and do something about it.

Human trafficking is a real issue in Mexico city. Many of us acknowledge that. BUT Benny and Janice went to begin to change the reality of human trafficking there.



Human tendency is to become overwhelmed by the weight, depth, and breadth of the problem and to surrender before ever declaring war. But just like eating a meal, we eliminate these social problems one bite at a time.

One text at a time.

One phone call at a time.

One event at a time.

One step at a time.


Don’t settle for boring and don’t be overwhelmed by all the terrible things we see.

Don’t settle for watching the world change. Go and change it.

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